Glasgow Mutual Aid

Trans Relief Fund

Who can use it?

Trans people based in Scotland.

If you are outside of Scotland we might be able to help in times of crisis, if we have the funds.

What can I get money for?

The Fund is intended to be an occasional relief when you are short on cash. You do not have to tell us what the money is for. Examples of common uses include:

  • Living expenses you can’t afford
    • Groceries
    • Utilities
    • Rent
    • Transport
  • Unexpected bills
  • As a contribution to wider fundraising for things like:
    • Legal fees
    • Therapy
    • Transition related expenses (Laser, HRT, Binders / Wigs / Clothing, etc)

How much can I get?

We send a standard amount of £50. We can do more or less depending on what you need and how much is in the fund, but we can’t send more than £150 at a time.

The fund is intended for occasional use, there is not currently capacity for it to be a regular part of someone’s budget. This does not mean you cannot use it repeatedly.

We have a soft limit of £500 per person over a year. Considering the above it is basically up to you how this is used.

We might still be able to help in an emergency even if you have reached this limit, but we will have to ask more questions.

How do I access the fund?

Send us an email telling us who you are and how much you would like:

Because we give out money without really asking any questions we get targeted by scammers. We need some evidence that you are who you say you are. If you can link some form of social media that shows you are trans and live in Scotland that will be enough.

If we cannot tell that an account is authentic we may ask for more evidence.

If you don’t have social media, we will ask for some other way to prove you are who you say you are. We understand that this will work differently for everyone and many trans people do not have documentation in their own names.

Who runs the fund?

The fund is operated by a small team of volunteers from the Small Trans Library. We are not a charity, but ordinary trans people living in Glasgow facilitating mutual economic support for the community around us. Because of this we occasionally take a while to reply to emails, but we try our best. We will never share the fact you have applied with anyone outside of the team.

How can I support the fund?

The fund is entirely crowdfunded, to support it please consider donating to our PayPal. All money sent will be redistributed to trans people or used to pay for things the fund is intended to cover (e.g. laser hair removal sessions).

Metro Laser Clinic Partnership

Want laser? We’ve partnered up with the Metro Laser Clinic to sponsor a small number of people for laser treatment without charge.

Metro Laser is based in the West End of Glasgow, they have very experienced laser technicians and are familiar with trans clients. Sessions are provided without cost by the Metro Laser Clinic.

Spaces are limited. We ask that you only apply if you are not be able to pay for repeated sessions otherwise. Sessions will be approximately every 4 weeks and for facial hair only. Those accepted onto the program will stay on it until they no longer need to be.

We are no longer taking applicants but as soon as we have space we will be taking more. Sign up for our mailing list or follow our social media to keep informed.

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