Horror by Trans Writers

To combat the same two or three trans titles being repeated time and time again on LGBT+ horror compilations, we have here, for your perusal on Halloween and beyond, a collection of horror writing by trans authors. Suggestions are welcome via the contact form below, or any of the Small Trans Library Dublin‘s platforms!

15320Billy Martin (aka. Poppy Z. Brite)
Writing pseudonymously since the early nineties, Martin is a gay trans man whose horror novel Exquisite Corpse has been described with “certain scenes cannot be un-read in that book. They will stay with you forever.
54210980Linnea B. Capps
Non-binary author Linnea B. Capps writes across genres but dips into horror for their story “The Glow” in The Electric Sewer, published by Thurston Howl’s Bound Tales furry imprint “implying both erotica and horror“.
FINNA coverNino Cipri
Horror runs throughout nonbinary writer Nino Cipri’s work, from murders and hauntings in Homesick: Stories to “all the horrors the multiverse has to offer in the novel Finna, and into their YA horror debut Burned and Buried.
Alison Cybe
Transgender transhumanist Alison Cybe has contributed to a variety of horror collections throughout their career, and independently published their very aptly named YA horror novel, I Was A Gay Teenage Zombie.
28306410. sx318 Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa and trans performance artist, Edidi’s Ghetto Goddess books show “the supernatural meet[ing] terror in ways you’ve never seen.
11515328Caitlín R. Kiernan
A genderfluid Irish-American author repping trans writers since the eighties, Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl is “a modern update on a gothic ghost story” in “a world of love and madness“.
Daniel M. Lavery
In The Merry Spinster, Lavery “expertly blends humour and horror into his twisted anthology,” and the book explores themes of gender as Lavery came out alongside it!
53246892. sy475 Gretchen Felker-Martin
Felker-Martin’s novel Manhunt sees a trans twist on the gender plague genre, centering a duo of trans women hunting down feral men to harvest the unprocesses testosterone in their balls. The end of the world is nuts.
49971740. sx318 sy475 Tristan Alice Nieto
A short story in beautiful blood-spattered hand-bound books, Nieto’s Imago tells of a murder victim revived for a day trying to understand her body, life and death with a fragmented mind and robot butterflies for eyes.
51934061. sx318 S. Park
Drawing from experience as “queer, genderqueer, and a general weirdo,” Aidan’s werewolf story “Ware the Deep” features in Burnt Fur, a collection of erotic horror that claims, “There are no good boys in in this anthology“.
This collection of erotica and horror (often combined) is separated into the multiple regions of Purgatory,” and features stories by non-binary writers Thurston Howl, C. M. Averin and Rayah Bunny.
40585222. sy475 Hal Schrieve
A gay, trans, children’s librarian, Schrieve brings hir talents to the YA genre in Out of Salem, a novel about an undead witch, a secret werewolf, and their joint fight to survive in a town trying to rid itself of monsters.
Page’s featured image from Imago by Tristan Alice Nieto

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