Horror by Trans Writers

Reader, writer and editor of horror and Dublin Librarian James Hudson curates here a list of horror by trans writers ranging comics, novels, short stories and horrors of body, mind and soul.
Suggestions are welcome via the contact form below, or any of the Small Trans Library Dublin‘s platforms! Self-published and short-form work encouraged.

Callum Angus
Angus’ collection A Natural History of Transition ambitiously crosses genres including unsettling dives into body horror with jars, formaldehyde, and eyes where they oughtn’t be.
Sadia Bies
Publising under Witchstitches, Bies’ horror ranges from has released a number of horror works from playkits for horror roleplays to an intimate and gruesome dissection of the mecha genre.
Nat Buchbinder
Buchbinder’s The Mellification is a slow burn story surrounding a trans man seeking change in a cultish vampire commune devoted to patience and repetition, where any disruption will be met with brutal reprise.
FINNA coverNino Cipri
Horror runs throughout nonbinary writer Nino Cipri’s work, from murders and hauntings in Homesick: Stories to “all the horrors the multiverse has to offer” in the novel Finna, and into their YA horror debut Burned and Buried.
53246892. sy475 Gretchen Felker-Martin
As well as her deservedly lauded horror novel Manhunt and upcoming Cuckoo, Felker-Martin deserves equal praise for the punishing horror of her shorter work Dreadnought, Ego Homini Lupus and No End Will Be Found.
28306410. sx318 Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa and trans performance artist, Edidi’s Ghetto Goddess books show “the supernatural meet[ing] terror in ways you’ve never seen.
Maximum Graves
Graves’ comic “What Happens Next” is replete with an all encompassing and inescapable dread, making it a standout psychological horror alongside their shorter comic “Full of Shit”.
Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Heartscape’s expansive “multimedia survival kit for another dimension” branches across media and is best known as the novella Psycho Nymph Exile, a “post-anime sapphic gurowave trauma-romance”.
James Hudson
Hudson’s short story “Jack Goes to Hunt a Werewolf” details the tension building between two men, the werewolf they are hunting, and the violent, sensual fantasy of their collision.
Coyote Internet
Internet’s mixed media short story “cladists say:” succinctly dovetails the age old adage that we all came from the sea into a discomforting realisation accomplished in an economic seven pages.
11515328Caitlín R. Kiernan
A genderfluid Irish-American author repping trans writers since the eighties, Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl is “a modern update on a gothic ghost story” in “a world of love and madness“.
Eric LaRocca
Prolific horror writer LaRocca has a number of creepy and uncomfortable novellas including their viral story Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke, now collected in print with two disturbing new stories.
Daniel M. Lavery
In The Merry Spinster, Lavery “expertly blends humour and horror into his twisted anthology,” and the book explores themes of gender as Lavery came out alongside it!
Valkyrie Loughcrewe
It’s hard to beat Tenebrous Press’ blurb of Loughcrewe’s novella Crom Cruach, “a distinctly Irish anxiety piece about the reluctant future and repressed past of a country trying to shrug off the shackles of colonialism, wrapped in the shiny black leather of Giallo”.
15320Billy Martin (aka. Poppy Z. Brite)
Writing pseudonymously since the early nineties, Martin is a gay trans man whose horror novel Exquisite Corpse has been described with “certain scenes cannot be un-read in that book. They will stay with you forever.
Quinn Milton
The multidisciplinary Milton particularly excels at erotic horror in their beautifully illustrated short story “Hurt Him Good” in which ze dares to ask, “Do you want to get fucked by the big bad wolf? Do you want to fuck him? Be him?”
49971740. sx318 sy475 Tristan Alice Nieto
A short story in beautiful blood-spattered hand-bound books, Nieto’s Imago tells of a murder victim revived for a day trying to understand her body, life and death with a fragmented mind and robot butterflies for eyes.
Briar Ripley Page
Witches, ghosts, werewolves and a sexually liberated Mothman aplenty in the multitude of short stories Page has published as well as their novella Corrupted Vessels.
RooFiction (aka. Friction Press)
With work centred on “bodies, love, magic, blood, honesty” as well as “kinks, stress, pain, danger, fear” Roo offers an exciting melange of horror and erotica across short and longform stories.
Alison Rumfitt
Rumfitt’s debut novel Tell Me I’m Worthless has earned acclaim for its insightful dive into the dark heart of British fascism with no bloody punches pulled and no filthy stone unturned.
40585222. sy475 Hal Schrieve
A gay, trans, children’s librarian, Schrieve brings hir talents to the YA genre in Out of Salem, a novel about an undead witch, a secret werewolf, and their joint fight to survive in a town trying to rid itself of monsters.
S.T.’s short story “MEAT_SPACE” is an incisive throwback cyberhorror told through chatlogs, where one speaker’s complicated relationship to their body could be solved by a strange, dark DM.
Natali Celeste Tautou
Aptly described as “emotional white noise”, Tautou’s short story collection sour milk is a non-stop barrage of taboo and devastation where raw emotional truth and inhuman brutality are written with equal gratuity.
Anna Walsh
Walsh often magnifies human experience to such an uncomfortable degree that it verges on horror, but gets explicit in tooth horror “The Dentist” and erotic candle exploration “Her Hands Moved Shimmering Across Me”.
Andrew Joseph White
White’s Hell Followed With Us sees a young trans man and a group of queer teens weathering the apocalypse, unleashed by the fundamentalist cult which raised him and seeks to reclaim him and his monstrous powers.
Page’s featured image from Imago by Tristan Alice Nieto
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