Irish Trans Writers

Trans writing in Ireland hasn’t taken off in the mainstream yet, but Irish trans writers are out there. Many are published in anthologies, literary magazines, blogs and websites, and even more are just learning to love writing.

To help you get started with reading Irish trans writing, the Dublin Small Trans Librarians provide here an ever-growing list of Irish trans writers, created with the help of the Trans Writers Union. For the purpose of this list, we’re including any self-identified trans writer from or residing in the island of Ireland.

This list is certainly incomplete, updated on our volunteers’ time with the knowledge we have. If you are an out Irish trans writer or know one, suggestions are welcome via the contact form below, or any of the Small Trans Library Dublin‘s platforms!
The Small Trans Library is also working to get these writers’ work into our catalogue to make it widely available to trans readers, and would welcome donations of books, journals, zines, etc, as such.

Sara-Jane Cromwell
Sara-Jane’s books Becoming Myself and Wrong Body, Wrong Life were some of the earliest books about trans life in Ireland. The non-fiction books, published 2008 and 2010 respectively, tell about Sara-Jane’s childhood in 1960s Dublin, as well as the experiences of people living with gender dysphoria in Ireland.
Find her at: @sarajanecromwel
Aoife Cusack aka Culchie Spice
Aoife is a nonbinary queer artist and designer based in Waterford creating a variety of art and design projects, including a number of zines reflecting on queer wellbeing and self-acceptance.
Find them at:
In the catalogue: Queer Pep Talk, A Different Place To Cry: A Zine About Being Sad
Soula Emmanuel
Soula was born in Dublin to an Irish mother and a Greek father. She currently lives in Ireland with her dog and writes fiction as well as pieces about culture, trans liberation and autism.
Find her at:
Johannes T. Evans
Johannes hails from the South of Wales and is now living on the West Coast of Ireland, writing on themes of queer and trans identity, disability and neurodivergence, the importance of community, and societal and interpersonal power dynamics. He writes novels, short fiction, serials and more, all of which can be accessed for free on his website.
Find him at:
Fiona Feng
Fiona is a writer currently living in East Cork. A singer, actor and ex-Kindergarten teacher, Fiona is something of an all rounder but has found her authentic voice prefers the mode of writing as an expressive outlet above all else. She has had several of her quasi stream of consciousness essays published online by such publications as Prism and Pen, Rainbow, An Injustice and Empowered Trans Woman.
Find her at: @FionaJFeng1
Kit Fryatt
Kit Fryatt is a poet and professor lecturing in English at Dublin City University. He has published four books of poems, and his most recent books are Bodyservant and Austin Clarke: An Introduction.
Find him at: @gentinwait
In the catalogue: Bodyservant, Rain Down Can
James Hudson
James is a writer from Dublin exploring queer life through speculative fiction, published in So Hormonal, Queer Love: An Anthology of Irish Fiction, Stone of Madness, The Stinging Fly and The Liminal Review. He also works with the Small Trans Library Dublin and the Trans Writers Union to improve the accessibility of trans writing in Ireland.
Find him at: @townmice
In the catalogue: So Hormonal, Queer Love: An Anthology of Irish Fiction
Shubhangi Karmakar
A prolific science writer who’s written for the Business Post, Irish Tatler and IMAGE Magazine, Shubhangi was most recently editor-in-chief of the Trinity Student Scientific Review.
Find them at: @Repealist_
William Keohane
William Keohane is a writer and poet from Limerick. His work has appeared in Hennessy New Irish Writing (The Irish Times), The Ogham Stone, The Stony Thursday Book, and his essays and poems have been broadcast on the RTÉ Radio 1 Sunday Miscellany. He is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Limerick.
Caitlín R. Kiernan
Born in Skerries and living in the US, Caitlín has been publishing SFF and horror since the nineties, so prolifically that their bibliography has its own Wikipedia page. Their oeuvre and awards are too long to list, but their most recent work at time of writing is The Tindalos Asset with two short fiction collections from Subterranean Press forthcoming.
Find them at: @auntbeast
Kate Kiernan
An editorial assistant and founder of the Small Trans Library Dublin, Kate is also a writer with a stunning essay in So Hormonal: Essays About Our Hormones titled “An Impersonal History of Self-Medication” broaching misconceptions of HRT and self-medication in Ireland and the UK.
Find her at: @fornothingIsay
In the catalogue: So Hormonal
Anna Loughran
In her poetry pamphlet Chords of Inquiry, Anna interrogates questions of gender and identity with a lightness of touch and a remarkably imaginative and tender approach to phrase and language.
Find her at: @annaloughran_
Aoife Martin
Aoife Martin is an IT professional and regular columnist with Her articles have appeared in Image Magazine, Irish Tatler, The Irish Examiner and several other publications. She also sits on the board of TENI and enjoys writing, going to the cinema and swimming in her spare time.
Llaura McGee
Founder of the game studio DREAMFEEL, Llaura is an award-winning game maker best known for co-writing the spectacular 2020 visual novel If Found… about a trans girl in 1993 dealing with isolation and connection on Achill Island.
Find her at: @ldreamfeel
Rían Browne O’Neill
Rían is a queer writer and advocate whose areas of interest include gender and sexuality, culture and social change, and current affairs. Rían was previously Editor-in-Chief (2018/19) for the National Student Media Award Nominated magazine Sexpress and has had his work featured in publications such as Headstuff, SpunOut and Motley Magazine.
Find him at: @rianbrowne
Fionn O’Shea
Fionn is a trans healthcare researcher living in Glasgow who has also edited and contributed to a number of zines circulating around trans Dublin.
Find him at: @MrFinnOShea
In the catalogue: 3.7.17, Bee Safe, Unpredictapple, Bombinate Vol. 1, Bombinate Vol. 3
Anna Walsh
Anna has been published in many forms across zines, journals and anthologies, including multimedia work with Fallow Media, poetry in The Stinging Fly, fiction in Outsiders, and an essay in So Hormonal, to name just a few.
Find them at: @annaw999
In the catalogue: So Hormonal