A poster advertising the Pride in Print event, styled after a collage of trans art and writing. Poster design by Hiram Harrington.

On June 25th 2022, the Small Trans Library Dublin will host an exhibit of collaborations between Irish trans artists and writers, a pop-up library of free LGBT+ books, and an evening showcase of Irish trans comedy, music and performance, all in one place!

These events will take place in the Boys’ School of Smock Alley Theatre.
Read on to learn more about each facet of this multimedia experience of trans art and learn more about venue accessibility here:

NOTE: All events are free. The exhibit and library are drop-in events, meaning you are free to come and go throughout the day. The evening showcase is ticketed to work with the venue’s seating capacity.
Tickets for the showcase can be found here: or at the bottom of this page.

Exhibit (12:30-17:30)

This exhibit features collaborations between Irish trans creatives, wherein Irish trans artists have been commissioned to interpret and illustrate quotes by Irish trans writers.

Preview of artwork by Bronagh Dowling featuring writing by Anna Walsh.

a mild afternoon breathed between my thighs
and in gentle passes cooled any untouched
tender skin.

Anna Loughran

The exhibit includes Irish trans writers in a variety of fields and Irish trans artists working across styles and mediums. Our writers were given one brief: pick a quote, regardless of theme or content, that you are proud of. The artists were then asked to include their assigned text but otherwise given free rein to interpret the assignments as they pleased.

We are gathered here tonight,
to pay tribute to Phyllis Angela Carter.
She died as she lived, pursuing the artform of femininity.
And although she’ll be buried with one tit,
in our hearts she will always have two.

Wren Dennehy

As a result, no singular emotion, theme or pattern ties this exhibit together; the work is by turns angry, exuberant, sensual and grief-stricken. It is a love letter to the creativity of the Irish trans community, to the resiliency of our writers and artists in the face of a hostile country, and to our individuality and depth of emotion when we are not constrained by narrow understandings of trans art.

i am reminding you a boy you have never met
a memory you can never have poured into your head

Jayne Quan


  • Adeline Berry, researcher
  • Becky Cheatle, screenwriter
  • Wren Dennehy, playwright
  • Otto Goodwin, poet
  • Hiram Harrington, screenwriter
  • James Hudson, fiction writer
  • Anna Loughran, poet
  • Allie O’Rourke, screenwriter
  • Valkyrie Trabhchas Loughcrewe, author
  • Jayne A. Quan, essayist
  • Annie Sherry, songwriter
  • Anna Walsh, poet
Preview of artwork by Kal McBride featuring writing by Valkyrie Trabhchas Loughcrewe.


  • Alec Baker, graphic designer
  • Bronagh Dowling, artist
  • Cúan Cusack, illustrator
  • Ruadhán Flanagan, artist
  • Hiram Harrington, graphic designer
  • Kal McBride, artist
  • Peter McAteer, artist
  • Jude Mooney, artist
  • Kit Ryan, painter
  • Nico Rylands, illustrator
  • Claire Watson, artist

Pop-up Library (12:30-17:30)

Photo of a pile of assorted LGBT+ books from one of the Small Trans Library’s previous events.

This exhibition will also feature a drop-in library of LGBT+ books in the style of many of the Library’s past events; there will be shelves of books, ample seating, and a librarian in attendance to answer questions, check in returns, or check out any books you’d like to borrow.

You can learn more about the library’s loans and returns on our homepage.

This will be indoors, and there will be pews with cushions for seating. We will aim to keep the space as quiet and comfortable as possible.
We welcome anyone seeking a sit down on Pride to drop by, whether you are looking for a quiet activity to mark the day or simply looking for a short break from festivities before heading out again.

Showcase (18:30-19:30, Ticketed)

Preview of artwork by Peter McAteer featuring lyrics by Annie Sherry.

In the evening we are proud to present a showcase of trans Irish talent in the Boys’ School, celebrating the range of creativity in our community.

Presented by writer and librarian James Hudson, the showcase will feature songwriter and musician Annie Sherry, actor and comedian Allie O’Rourke, poet and artist Otto Goodwin and a reading of the writing Wren Dennehy.

The showcase will last approximately an hour from 18:30-19:30, leaving plenty of time to head back out and enjoy festivities for the night.

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