Irish Trans Filmmakers

Expanding on our reading list of Irish trans writers, the Dublin Small Trans Librarians provide here an ever-growing list of trans filmmakers and film workers from or residing on the island of Ireland. We hope this benefits people looking to watch more Irish trans films or find trans filmmakers to create new work with.

This list is certainly incomplete and updated periodically with the knowledge we have. If you are an Irish trans filmmaker or know one, suggestions are welcome via the contact form below or any of the Small Trans Library Dublin‘s platforms!
Note: We want to highlight trans contributions to all parts of filmmaking, above or below the line. It’s much easier to find out about trans writers, directors and actors than MUAs, PAs, editors, gaffers, sound engineers and more, so please don’t hesitate to reach out based on role or experience.

Robyn Avery, composer, director, writer
Film: Terratoma (2023, composer)
Find her at: @unstookie
Becky Cheatle, director, writer
Film: Punch Line (2022, director/writer)
Find her at: @becky.cheatle
Izel Green, lighting, post-production
Film: NEW SODA. (2022, lighting/post-production)
Liath Hannon, actor
Films: Daisy: Prophet of the Apocalypse (2023, actor), Terratoma (20203, actor)
Find her at: @liath.hannon
Hiram Harrington, director, writer
Films: Strangers on a Bench (2019, director), Glory, Hole (2023, director/writer), Goodnight Girl (upcoming, writer)
Find him at: @hiramhorror
Ailo Kerr, gaffer, writer
Films: High Entropy (2022, writer), Terratoma (2023, gaffer)
Pradeep Mahadeshwar, visual artist
Films: Shame//Less (2021, actor), The Concept of The Self (2022, actor/director/writer), Skin to Skin Talks (2023, actor/director/writer)
Find them at:
Felix O’Connor, actor
Films: High Entropy (2022, actor)
Find him at: @oximoronic28
Ois O’Donoghue, actor, director, writer
Films: AION (2022, writer/director)
Find her at: @oisin_o_ver_it
Allie O’Rourke, actor, writer
Film: Text Me When You Get Home (2021, actor), Punch Line (2022, actor/writer)
Find her at: @allie_orourke
Murky Onyango, cinematographer, composer, writer
Film: Daisy: Prophet of the Apocalypse (2023, cinematographer/composer/writer)
Find her at: @murkyonyango
Venus Patel, actor, director, writer
Films: Eggshells (2022, actor/director/writer), Daisy: Prophet of the Apocalypse (2023, actor/director/writer)
Find her at: @venusart666
Caleb J. Roberts, director, writer
Films: From His Perspective (2020, director/writer), Homebird (2022, director/writer), Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023, assistant director)
Find him at:
Liadán Roche, director, editor, writer
Film: Terratoma (2023, director/editor/writer)
Find them at: @vvantasia
Deedee Sapphire, actor, director, writer
Film: My Cosy Dublin Apartment (2023, actor/director/writer)
Find them at: @deedeelydia
Annie Sherry, actor, singer, writer
Find them at: @theysheannie

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